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- FAQ - 

  • Do you offer a Delivery and pick up service?

​Yes, we offer delivery and pick up for 40.00 between 9am - 5pm. If you would like a specific drop time or pick up we charge 60.00.


  • Where are you located?

We are located in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island


  • Do you rent your items to Vancouver or Whistler?

​Yes, please email us at for a estimate cost for next day delivery.


  • Do I need to rinse the dishware and flatware before return?

​While it's very much appreciated for our dinnerware it's only necessary for our flatware rentals. Due to the carbon steel content in our flatware, they are particularly sensitive to acidic foods. It is important to rinse promptly after use to remove any residue and place back in the cutlery holders provided. Allowing food to dry on exposes our flatware to the complex mix of acids and salts in the food. Prolonged contact can unfortunately promote corrosion, pitting and discoloration. Therefore please always rinse after use. Failure to do so may result in replacement charges.


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